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Paulishia Aguillard


Paulishia Augillard is the owner of Polly Clinical Services which provides outpatient mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults; and individual, couples, and coaching services to those dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression. She is also a best-selling Author, Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. Paulishia describes herself as an empath who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential.


Have you always wanted to become a business owner?

I have always wanted to have my own business because I have always desired to be my own boss. I grew up learning the value of hard work by my parents’ example, yet I wanted to have the freedom and flexibility of setting my own schedule and being available for my family while building generational wealth. Being able to create a legacy for my children is very important to me!


As a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) what are some of the challenges you face with people and mental health?

In working with couples, I see a variety of challenges however I will say that I work with couples who struggle in communicating to each other. This tends to come from what he/she was taught or not taught as a child. Both partners tend to shut down in communicating their needs to each other which can cause one to feel rejected, depressed, resentful, and angry.


Has stress, anxiety and depression increased with people since you’ve been in practice? If so, what are the main causes? This is not easy to answer because of differing methods of conducted research, however I have seen an increase in adolescent referrals for high school/college students dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. Some of the main causes that I have encountered are: dating/ relationships, social media, and academic performance.


You are the author of the new book: “Renewing Your Mind: How to Break Through Cycles of Stress and Anxiety and Start Living the Life you Deserve.”  What can readers expect as they turn the pages?

Readers can expect: Practical strategies in dealing with stress and anxiety. Tools on how to move beyond stress and anxiety and how to shift your mindset in dealing with stress and anxiety.


Who is your audience?

Renewing Your Mind is for adolescents through adulthood.


How does your book tackle the growing numbers of mental illness cases and the alarming statistics on suicide?

Renewing Your Mind takes a personal approach to mental illness by giving readers examples of how the author recognized the need for help. It creates a forum to have a dialogue about mental illness and takes away the stigma of asking for help when it is needed.


The number one reason people should purchase your book? It is important to connect with the clinician that many are looking to work with in dealing with daily challenges. It was very important for me to tell my story and allow those who may be suffering in silence to know that there is someone who has been through, has survived, and can provide the support needed.


How have you prepared yourself to become a clinical psychologist in the future? I have actually worked with clinical psychologists in my previous jobs and learned a great deal in evaluation and testing of clients. I have had the opportunity to shadow and gain hands-on experience and knowledge from some of the best clinical psychologists practicing in the field today!


Women are often asked how they balance work and family. What is your response to this question? Name ways in which your husband and children help to give you “me” time.

My response has changed over time as I have learned how to be more intentional about balancing work and family life. I work long hours as an entrepreneur and I balance work and family by having a cut-off time once I leave my office. I recognize that if I am constantly working that I am not present for my children and my husband once I get home. My husband and children are very supportive and give me time to unwind once I come home by allowing me 30 minutes to an hour of taking a hot bath/shower without interruption. This allows me to de-stress and be present for them.


The last time you literally laughed out loud?

I laugh out loud every day! My family love to tell jokes, re-enact movies, or make-up jokes so laughing is key to my joy.


Holiday plans or upcoming events? My holiday plans this year will be to spend time with my family and visit with friends. I will be having my official book signing in January 2019 which I am very excited about!


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