James Martin, II is many things when it comes to his professional career. He is a speaker and author, but it is his work as a Corporate trainer, Etiquette Consultant and Personal Stylist that caught our attention on social media.The Houston businessman, recently gifted male seniors at Texas Southern University with neckties and bow ties. Read the reason why in this interview.


What led you to gift male seniors at TSU with neckties and bow ties for graduation?

For the last couple of years, I did seminars with the Jesse H. Jones School of Business through a program called Charisma Camp, where I held workshops on personal branding, communication skills, dining etiquette and dress for achievement. I wanted to do something additional for them based on the reaction I got from the young men and the administration. This year, I provided them with free neckties or bow ties as a graduation gift. Knowing the importance of image because I am an image and etiquette consultant. I wanted to make sure they go into the workplace well equipped and recognized for their image. A lot of times, we are only recognized for our technical skills, but soft skills is becoming just as important as hard skills. Personal presence, branding and image is very important, especially for our millennials coming out of school, and being able to have a professional image.


Do you have a similar program in place for other college campuses?

I have a tour that’s called the Rebirth of the Gentlemen. What I do is I travel to different college campuses and provide full workshops for workplace etiquette. It is not just singled out for Texas Southern University.  Xavier and Southern University are among the many schools I visit. Basically, I look for student services and career service directors that allow me to come in and provide them with services.


What are some of the reactions you received from your recent visit to TSU?

A picture is worth a thousand words. We took a lot of photos. The reactions ranged from a smile to some who said they did not own a tie, and I was able to provide them with ties. There was also a good reaction from the school itself, I partnered with the Director of Career Services and the business school. It went so well that several ladies came by and asked, “What do you have for us?” Laughs.


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By La Trisha and La Tasha

Feature image: Melissa Knight, M.Ed. /Career Services Coordinator

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