Dealing with the Uncertainty – Julie Benezet, author of The Journey of Not Knowing

By Julie Benezet


Julie Benezet is on a mission to help people deal with the stress and anxiety brought on by the chaotic world.  She is the author of the highly regarded book, The of Not Knowing.


Her ideas are a refreshing and badly needed roadmap about how we all can survive and thrive the problems we face and create a better future.

Ten Ways to Overcome Uncertainty


1. Embrace the Fear. Treat the scariness of the new as an asset, not a liability.


2. Dream Up a New Plan. Pursue your dream to make things better.


3. Jump In. Dive in and learn about the people your dream will touch.


4. Take It Easy. Get comfortable with your discomfort with risk.


5. Relax. If you feel uncomfortable, you are on the right track.


6. Face Forward. Confront resistance to change, yours and others.


7. Stay in Tune.  Watch out for self-sabotaging defensive behaviors.


8. Identify Your Purpose. Use it to fuel your journey through the discomfort of the new.


9. Be Open to New Knowledge and Learn from Others. See every twist and turn of the journey through the discomfort of the new as a learning experience. Recalibrate as needed.


10. Be Persistent. Never lose sight of the belief that the journey through the discomfort of the new can lead to something wonderful.


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