Kerry Washington, Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K Brown is best known for his dramatic role in ‘This is Us’ and big-screen action films like Predator and Hotel Artemis that get your adrenaline rushing versus Kerry Washington who typically plays a dominant role in most of her dramatic roles like Scandal. The duo will be showcasing how well they can work together in the upcoming action film ‘Shadow Force.’

The new action pic is like a rendition of Mr. & Mrs. Smith which Washington also had a part in. From this notion, we can all bet money that the film will still revolve around a dynamic couple who both are assassins. Who knows maybe this plot will also include a love story. The film is being shopped between studios and streaming services as to who will take the lead on the project.

Brown also star in films Angry Birds 2, in theaters now and Frozen 2 with a release date of November 22. Washington’s new series ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ will premiere sometime next year.



By: Aaliyah Ford

Featured Photo: Getty Images- Kerry Washington/ Sterling K. Brown, Instagram

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