Gayle King Interviews R. Kelly

On Wednesday, March 6, CBS ‘This Morning’ host, Gayle King experienced a never “to forget” interview with artist, R. Kelly.   Kelly was arrested last month after being accused of sexually abusing several women. During the interview an impressive short video went viral on social media. Viewers were shocked at how king maintained a steady disposition as Kelly lashed out when asked a certain question.

There was a point in the interview when Kelly got up from his chair and screamed out: “Y’all trying to kill me,” as he pounded on his chest. During this time King remained calm. Later in the interview King said to him: “Robert, we have to have a conversation. I don’t want you just ranting at the camera.”


This exact moment in the interview was released and has surfaced the web. King is being applauded for the manner in which she maintained her composure and calmness, despite the fact that Kelly was lashing out. King responds saying: “It wouldn’t have done any good if we both got hysterical.” As seen on the short clip, King sits calmly as she looks straight ahead as Kelly is standing, demonstrating angry gestures and being held back by one of the men on the set.


King went into detail during her sit down interview on CBS, sharing that she never felt afraid: “I never in a million years thought I was in danger of him, she shared. But it was very menacing. He stands up and he’s clearly angry… but when you see somebody who is that angry and you know the type, so I just figured… sit there quietly and let it play itself out.”


Additionally, King speaks out on how she feels Kelly needs to seek help. According to the interview, he had been very emotional and wants to be heard. He feels as though everyone is against him and also lying on him, leaving him emotionally distraught.


At any rate, this clip clearly demonstrates Kings’ professionalism. Many famous figures have shown admiration for King as they tweet out such things as “Bravo for a calm and steady focus during #Rkelly interview” and “Outstanding job, says Oprah Winfrey!” Viewers feel that she deserves some type of award. Although the questions were very sensitive, she continued to ask them without hesitating, despite Kelly’s reaction.


King will possibly become one of the most admired women after this “renaissance painting” as social media users are calling the recent photo.


The complete interview aired on CBS Friday, March 8 @ 8/9 PM ET



Photo Credit:  CBS

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