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What better way to celebrate Friday then with women whose sense of fashion comes with a purpose. Take Kelley Taylor, who co-owns Taylor Construction Management in Houston with her husband, Troi. She recently attended the event; “The Art of A Grand Tea,” and spoke to us about how she selected her wardrobe.


Describe your look.

Immediately, the word art stood out for me. I did not want to wear florals nor did I want to wear a dress. I knew I was going to be in the company of some very strong women who are powerful in their own way— women who inspire me. So, I wanted to wear something powerful; yet, elegant and feminine. I wanted to respect the occasion, a Tea, as well. I decided on this pantsuit by an Italian designer with a tonal Jacquard pattern. It has a very structured and tailored fit to emphasize femininity. I paired it with a very sexy lace bodysuit and fascinator by a renown London-based designer. I thought the handbag brought a classic, antique feel to the ensemble. I would describe this entire look as artistic, Italian, and classic.


Fashion Friday
Kelley Taylor attends The Art of A Grand Tea event in Houston. Photo credit: Joshua Taylor



What is your favorite fashion piece to wear and why?

My favorite fashion piece is a one-piece, a jumpsuit. I like it because it is easy-breezy. For me, it takes away the guessing game of pairing a top and bottom. Although, you can’t tell by the outfit you’re spotlighting, I really don’t make a fuss over fashion. I just have fun with it, and I like a little bit of everything.


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Photo credit: Joshua Taylor





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