Exclusive: Kim Fields Talks "Signature Blends by KF" Holiday Collection, Family and Career

What’s not to love about Kim Fields? The actress has long graced the small and big screen as well as direct. She visited the ‘Twins of Media’ LIVE show Friday, Dec. 4. to talk about her gourmet coffee brand Signature Blends by KF in time for the holiday season. The entrepreneur says her reason for getting into the coffee business (her coffee backstory) came from her second-grade teacher Ms. Hoffman, who, she says, drank an “enormous thermos of black coffee.” says Field. “She would read to us when we came back from lunch, and we would have to put our heads on the table, and she would read “Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory” and the other books in that particular series.”

“So there I was listening to these wonderful stories about chocolate and chocolate factory and being taken away aromatically speaking, with this great aroma that is coffee.” “That was my first kind of intro to coffee as a concept; as a consumer and who would go on to be what I call a coffee connoisseur.”

‘Well, I’m glad you asked, girl!” Fields responded in delightful humor with the question: What are some gift ideas from her Holiday Collection people can buy?

Her “phenomenal” signature brands around this time of year include Comfort & Kim’s Joy (Eggnog Blend), The Antidote (Espresso Blend), and Holiday Love (Red Velvet Cake Blend). For non-coffee drinkers, there is also an exclusive line of hot cocoa Snuggles in a Jar, located on her company website.

As the conversation continued, Fields shares how she avoided the negative trappings of being a child star to where she is today—giving credit to her family and village for such stability. “My mama is Chip; she says with laughter. “My mom never stopped parenting me as I was growing up.” The matriarch Ms. Fields was only 18-years-old and a single parent when she had the child who would eventually go on to star in popular shows like the Facts of Life and Living Single. Fields went on to say she owed it to the people who lifted, supported, and covered her. “I wasn’t going to be a has-been, statistic, or a tragic story,” she says.

Fields also talked about some of the directorial projects she has worked on in the pandemic. On BET Her (The Couch), she was a part of a pair of short films regarding mental health awareness, especially for the “female black community, black community and people of color.” The mother of two also gave the reason behind her well-received “ACCOUNTABILITY by KF” video on Instagram that first debuted in late August and reposted a few days before the November election. Sure, Fields is a veteran in the acting industry, but nothing tops motherhood. Just as we were ending our conversation, her 7-year-old, who we could only hear, was getting his mommy’s attention to let her know they had to get the cookies out of the oven. Yeah, you have to love the down-to-earth person that is Kim Fields.

Watch the complete interview.

Photo Credit: Signature Blends by KF

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