Actress Robin Wright Debuts Her First Film As Director

Robin Wright, an actress, and director whose works include “The Princess Bride” (1987) and “House of Cards” (2013-2018), recently made her directing debut with her film titled Land.

Wright’s inspiration for the film stemmed from, as she describes, the “darkness and meanness” found on social media.

Bullying has always been prevalent, but it has reached an unprecedented high. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to be in our homes, with nothing but our electronics and social media platforms at our disposal. In response to that, online bullying has become egregious.

The film centers around a woman, played by Wright, stricken with loss and goes into seclusion, then realizes that she needs human kindness and interaction to cope.

During a Cinema Café talk with Rebecca Hall at the Sundance Film Festival, Wright said, “I wanted to make a movie at that time because there was so much going on in our country… Just the ugliness that was going on in the world with, you know, the explosion of Twitter.”

What we need during these current times is love and support, not bickering and bullying. Once we begin to realize that, we will be able to allow our wounds to start the healing process.

‘Land’ is set to be released on Feb. 12th

Actress Robin Wright Debuts Her First Film As Director
Photo Credit: Hanway Films


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Featured Image: Sundance 

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