3 Ways Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Simple Joys on Instagram

Jada Pinkett Smith often shares plenty of life lessons on her talk show Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch. The actress is seemingly the more serious Smith family member in comparison to her husband, Will, who keeps his fans laughing. However, Smith, 48, does find the time to show her personality with the simple joys she shares on Instagram.


Reuse Old Items to Make you Feel Beautiful 

“When you use an old denim shirt to dress the crown.” Jada recently shared this quote and a picture of herself modeling an old denim shirt as a headwrap. How adorable is this photo to remind us it doesn’t take much for our beauty to shine through? It is nothing more than going inside our closets to boost our joy.

3 Ways Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Simple Joys on Instagram


Honoring Her Bonus Son

Smith has always displayed lots of love for her bonus son. Willard Carroll Smith III (Trey) is the son of Will Smith and Sheree Zampino. He came into his bonus mother’s life as a toddler, and over the years, we’ve seen Smith and Trey develop a loving mother and son relationship. It is a union that has placed a positive image for extended families. And one that has brought the entire Smith clan joy as seen in the video Smith shared Monday celebrating the eldest child’s birthday.


Loving Will 

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” There have been many times Smith has shown love for her life partner of over 20 years. Though one of the most loving and subtle ways happened recently, Will received the honor of a soundstage named after him at Tyler Perry’s new studio expansion in Atlanta. The actor asked the woman by his side, “Are you going up with me?” Her response, “No? You do it. You did this!”

What greater joy is there than to celebrate the achievements of your loved ones as they are recognized.

3 Ways Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Simple Joys on Instagram


Thank you for the joy reminders, Jada!


By La Tasha Taylor

Feature photo: Getty Images

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